Cloud-based supply chain analytics

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions has launched Beacon Analytics.

Beacon Analytics is a flexible cloud-based platform that combines the latest technologies with expert analytics support to help companies quickly and easily integrate, visualize, and analyze their data. The platform provides real-time insights into business processes – sales, operations, finance, marketing – and can enable predictive modeling.

Cedric Millar partnered with a finance and technology veteran, Danny Bharat, to bring the product to market.

“I have known Brian and the Cedric Millar team for many years and Cedric Millar’s credo, “Moved by Intelligence” says it all. I am very excited to be partnering with them to launch Beacon Analytics, and to help companies overcome their legacy application centric and siloed architecture,” Bharat said.

“Most companies want to make strategic business decisions based on accurate 360 intelligence, but lack of integration creates complexity and erodes access to information and insights. We aim to help businesses get the most out of their data and make better, more informed decisions – moving away from application centric to becoming data centric.”

“When we were looking to further develop our business intelligence tools, we knew we needed the best in the industry to lead the charge and Danny fit the bill perfectly,” said Cedric Millar president and CEO Brian Ware.

“The IT industry incumbents have no incentive to change status quo and reduce complexity and cost, but we are confident that our Beacon Analytics platform will be a game-changer for businesses in the supply chain industry and beyond. ”

Beacon Analytics partners with companies to get their analytics journey started immediately – without extravagant capital investment. Beacon can take ownership of company’s immediate data analytics needs, resolving ongoing challenges by integrating multiple data sources to deliver the insights required by the business.