Contactless yard management

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Routeique, an Alberta-based software company specializing in cloud-based supply chain solutions, has launched a new contactless yard management system.

Before the pandemic, drivers and yard personnel often carried out yard management and check-in tasks by hand. Drivers physically exchanged paperwork with gate guards and other yard team members.

With the new technology and process, companies can carry out these tasks contact-free, enhancing their physical distancing measures.

Drivers can securely check-in via a web-based browser on their cell phone or tablet. Administrative teams can remotely assign them their dock from the online portal on a desktop computer.

In addition to providing automatic updates about check-in status, the system offers SMS and web-based live messaging, allowing for seamless communication at all times.

Multi-facility document sharing means the process is now entirely paper-free.

The contactless check-in system is part of the Routeique Yard Management System.

Drivers and administrative personnel can log in using a mobile or desktop browser. After the first login, users receive a new verification code at their mobile number, eliminating the need for passwords.

Additionally, the Yard Management System uses location tracking without the need for a native application. Drivers and admin team members can stay up to date about driver location, dock location, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Last year, Routeique technology supported the (formerly‚Äč) initiative, which enabled several Alberta-based businesses in the food manufacturing and distribution space to pivot to B2C home delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic.