Dematic updates pallet automation system

by MM&D Online Staff
The RapidStore UL1400, with a corresponding rack structure
The RapidStore UL1400, with a corresponding rack structure

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN—Dematic, a supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services, has introduced a new version of RapidStore UL1400, a storage and retrieval system that automates conventional pallet storage. The new RapidStore UL1400 supports a wider variety of applications, including freezer/cooler environments.

Dematic RapidStore UL1400 is an alternative automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that is designed to retrofit into existing manual warehouses with low to medium building heights. It is engineered to accommodate facilities normally serviced by manual material handling equipment such as very narrow-aisle (VNA), operator-up, swing-reach fork trucks. The RapidStore UL1400 is a direct replacement for such operator-intensive applications.

The RapidStore UL1400, with a corresponding rack structure, is a compact, space-efficient unit-load storage and staging solution. It is an automated system that provides high-density product storage in a controlled and secure environment. The storage/retrieval machine rides on a floor rail and is stabilized overhead with a steel guide tube. It is configured with a rotating fork load handling device.

RapidStore UL1400 has effectively combined traditional AS/RS with conventional post-and-beam rack and offers a low first-shelf height (8 inches) to maximize warehouse space. The rotating fork moves vertically and pivots to access pallet loads on either side of the aisle. The rotating fork can pick or deposit pallet loads at either end of the aisle, including interface to push back rack, and empty pallet stackers.

“Dematic iQ software manages the activity, inventory and material flow with a focus on optimization and accuracy. Advanced pallet put-away and retrieval logic dynamically adjusts/prioritizes work flow; this results in smarter logistics management and timely execution,” according to Ken Ruehrdanz, warehousing and distribution market manager with Dematic.

RapidStore has new configurations that support additional applications. There are temperature-controlled versions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations. In a distribution environment, RapidStore can serve as a reserve storage solution, an automatic replenishment system for case pick modules and as an order consolidation buffer. Distribution centers may also use it to support pallet-to-person case picking, case decanting into totes and mixed case palletizing solutions. In a production environment, RapidStore can be the buffer staging system for work-in-process material that needs to be staged between processes and is an ideal solution for finished goods storage.