EnerSys batteries now an option on Columbia utility vehicles

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

READING, Pennsylvania – EnerSys and Columbia Vehicle Group announced that NexSys Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries are now available as a factory-installed option for Columbia’s range of electric utility vehicles.

The arrangement makes Columbia the first electric utility vehicle OEM to offer NexSys batteries as a factory-installed option.

“We are proud to recognize our growing relationship with Columbia and very pleased that they’ve made our NexSys battery solution easier for their customers to select and use,” said Tim Wittig, national sales manager at EnerSys.

NexSys batteries deliver three times the lifecycle of conventional sealed batteries, offering a flexible, virtually maintenance-free energy solution for heavy-duty electric utility vehicles. The rugged construction of NexSys batteries features Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators for extreme shock and vibration resistance, making them well suited for heavy-duty, high-use applications.

Classified as non-spillable electric storage batteries, NexSys TPPL batteries are constructed with 99 percent pure lead and provide unmatched performance across a wide range of temperatures, also making them ideal for cold storage applications.

“Columbia is constantly looking for relationships that allow us to offer our customers innovative solutions that solve their most demanding transportation needs,” said Scott Breckley, president at Columbia. “EnerSys is exactly that kind of company, and NexSys batteries are just that kind of solution.”

Installing the NexSys batteries at the Columbia factory will ensure the proper integration of several vehicle sub-systems and components. For example, chargers and algorithms will be matched to selected blocks to deliver the proper charge rate. Controllers on vehicle traction drive systems will be re-programmed to enact creep mode to guard against over-discharge. Battery trays, hold-downs and wiring will all be properly configured to ensure optimal battery performance.

Greg Breckley, director of business development at Columbia added: “Collaborating with a pioneer in the battery industry to offer an energy storage solution that increases reliability and reduces total cost of ownership directly from the factory is what sets Columbia apart from its competition.”

Depending on battery ampere hours and the charger, NexSys batteries can be fully recharged in as little as two hours and are designed for opportunity charging multiple times per day. Resulting benefits include long battery life and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). NexSys batteries have a shelf life of up to two years at 68˚F and typically occupy up to 30 percent less space than the equivalent lead-calcium batteries due to the thin plate design’s high energy density properties.