Family of mobile robots

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Barcelona, Spain-based Kivnon has unveiled three new autonomous vehicles: the K03 Twister, the K50 Pallet Truck and the K55 Pallet Stacker. All three use magnetic guidance or mapping navigation, based on simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology.

The new K03 Twister is a rotational mobile platform with dimensions of 700 x 500 x 280 mm, making it the smallest AGV of Kivnon mobile robot portfolio. With a load capacity of up to 400 kg, this vehicle has a rotational lifting platform that allows it to rotate itself while maintaining the absolute position of the load.

New forklift mobile robots autonomously transport palletized loads of up 1,000 kg and lift heights of up to one metre. The new K50 Pallet Truck and the new K55 Pallet Stacker cano move in both directions of travel and are equipped with lifting forks to transport and handle loads vertically and horizontally.

The three new models reflect the manufacturer’s new design line, with new shapes and new colors, which mark the beginning of the new look of the future mobile robots (AGVs/AMRs) from Kivnon.

Kivnon offers a wide range of mobile robotics solutions for the automation of different applications within the automotive, food and beverage, logistics and warehousing, aeronautics industries, among others.

Besides its head office in Barcelona, Kivnon also has a presence in Valladolid, Zaragoza, and Vitoria, Spain, as well as Germany, the U.K., Mexico, the U.S., Brazil, Slovakia, and France.