Floor-level 90-degree tilt tables

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

LOUISVILLE, KY – Verti-Lift presents Floor-Level 90-Degree tilt tables with removable forks, for manufacturing or assembly applications where the process requires work in the horizontal and vertical positions.

With the flexibility of removable forks while in the horizontal position, and a range from 0 – 90 degrees, workers are allowed 360-degree access to the product while in the horizontal position, while the vertical position allows access to manufacturing and assembly processes of difficult to reach areas in the vertical position.

Verti-Lift floor-level 90-degree tilt tables with Removable Forks are for many applications including panel build, furniture manufacturing, locker or metal enclosure manufacturing and assembly, corrugated, wood, or sheet handling.

Removable forks allow pallet jack or fork truck loading/unloading in the vertical position. Forks are ideal for applications where product (feet or wheels) need to be installed at the base of the product.

Assembly can be accomplished in the horizontal position, the product rotated 90 degrees, and the product set on the floor where it can simply roll to the next process or be moved by pallet jack if fork truck space is limited.