Seven-axis cobot

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Kassow Robots, a developer of 7-axis robot and cobot solutions for machine tending, material handling, and related applications, is introducing a new industrial cobot.

The KR810 requires fewer safety restrictions while offering increased maneuverability, making a safe work partner for humans in an industrial environment.

Kassow Robots is releasing the 7-axis KR810 with a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 850 mm.

The KR810 is suited for many industrial applications involving human-robot collaboration thanks to the unique seventh axis or “wrist” joint and safety-compliant design. With its 7th-axis wrist, the KR810 emphasizes maneuverability.

Work cell designers can place the cobot to the side of an opening, making it easier for employees to access computer numerical control (CNC) systems, lathes, injection molds, and related machinery.

The KR810 can be programmed by any technical expertise level, from engineer to machine operator. Programming the robot is a simple task of moving it into position and recording the key points. The Kassow software does the rest.