Production scheduling software

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Nulogy has launched a production scheduling solution.

The tool enables contract manufacturers and co-packers to assess and plan production schedules based on various constraining factors, such as order promise date, planned downtimes, changeovers, labour availability, material availability, run rates by product and equipment, and more.

The software’s main attributes include:

  • Visual, drag-and-drop scheduling interface
  • Ability to make real-time schedule adjustments without needing to wait for an algorithm to respond
  • Ability to assess key factors and their impacts on the production schedule (e.g., due dates, labour requirements, line availability, changeovers, maintenance, materials availability, run rates)
  • Connections to other modules in the Nulogy platform and to third-party manufacturing operation systems
  • Virtual schedule-testing platform that won’t affect live production schedules

By replacing spreadsheet-based scheduling workflows, customers using the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution have observed operational gains such as:

  • Improvement in scheduling efficiency
  • On-Time In-Full improvement
  • Profitability improvement through labour cost reduction.