Forklift safety package

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by Emily Atkins

Toyota Material Handling (TMH)is introducing a set of advanced safety features for its forklifts.

Toyota Assist includes technology that provides operators with pedestrian and object detection. This system, available on new Toyota Forklift models, delivers visual and audible alerts when objects or pedestrians are detected within range, similar to pedestrian alerts found in the modern automobile driver assist technologies. Called Smart Environment Sensor+ (SEnS+) it limits the movement of the forklift by engaging regenerative braking.

The sensing zone for obstacles is automatically adjusted in a 130-degree field of view up to 32 feet away based on the forklift’s speed. This feature is complemented by a obstacle detection system – designed and engineered by Toyota – which uses stereoscopic vision technology to assist operators by differentiating between pedestrians and objects.

Toyota Assist also includes the active stability (SAS), which engages instantly to stabilize the rear axle if the system senses the forklift is in a situation that could lead to instability. The joystick places all hydraulic controls, travel direction and horn button in a single, ergonomically designed handle, while a selection of adjustable cameras help operators keep an eye on their surroundings.

Additional innovative safety features are also included.

“Today more than ever, fleet managers are under increasing pressure to move product faster while keeping operators and pedestrians comfortable and safe,” said Tony Miller, TMH senior vice president of operations, engineering and strategic planning.

“The new and innovative suite of features included in Toyota Assist empowers customers with the ability to outperform normal productivity under the most challenging environmental conditions and situations with the most advanced safety technology on the market.”