Free 3PL finder tool

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Software provider Extensiv has launched a free tool to help companies find third-party logistics providers.

The Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace can link brands with 3PLs to help with pick, pack, and ship fulfillment services for e-commerce, even in cases where there are specialized requirements such as retail compliance, seller-fulfilled Prime, cold storage, bulk goods, hazardous materials and more.

Traditionally, as brands grow, they need to make a decision: do they manage their own warehouse, outsource to a 3PL warehouse, or create a hybrid fulfillment model that enables them to scale and reduce costs?

Previously, when a brand would work with a single 3PL for all their fulfillment needs, this was manageable. Today brands are looking to build dynamic fulfillment networks that utilize multiple geographically dispersed 3PLs. Brands looking to scale through a 3PL require detailed information to ensure the quality of service, including the 3PL’s level of technological sophistication, its geographic reach, available fulfillment services, and the products it can handle.

Similarly, 3PLs face multiple challenges acquiring new customers. While the rest of the world has streamlined the process of evaluating and buying services by offering robust digital discovery and buying resources, most 3PLs still sell their services the same way they did in the 90s, with phone calls, in-person visits and lengthy contract negotiations.

With the rise of highly funded, large scale 3PLs and 4PLs, independent 3PLs are looking for a better way to compete, without having to spend a fortune bidding against these competitors on paid search.

Further, given the challenges facing today’s supply chain, 3PLs must find the time and resources to engage with potential brands in modern, efficient ways.┬áBrands and merchants require more transparency into the services 3PLs offer, straight-forward pricing, and easier startup.

The Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace allows potential customers to search a list of 3PLs across all service verticals in the United States, Canada, and strategic international locations.

The marketplace simplifies the process of finding and evaluating the specialized capabilities of a trusted 3PL that meets the brand’s specific requirements. In a one-to-many system, brands can enter information once and receive bids from multiple pre-qualified 3PLs.

The marketplace is a free service that provides 3PLs with more business. 3PLs can review pre-vetted brand opportunities that align with their capabilities. It also helps 3PLs find additional warehouse partners to help service mutual customers, extend their service offerings, and offer geographic diversity for reduced transit times and costs.

“The Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace is a gamechanger for scalable fulfillment services. It addresses the inefficiencies that have hampered the supply chain and enables brands to rapidly scale,” said David Miller, vice-president of strategy at Extensiv.

“Through our validation and automation, brands are quickly connected with 3PLs that can meet their needs while 3PLs can improve their acquisition effectiveness through free, qualified lead generation.”

In the months ahead, Extensiv will be opening participation to a broader array of its Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager customers. In 2023, Extensiv will further expand the marketplace to a broader array of its customers, including 3PLs using Extensiv Integration Manager.