Network manager for 3PLs

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Extensiv has launched a network management tool to help third-party logistics (3PLs) providers build and manage networks of geographically distributed partner warehouses where a brand’s inventory is distributed across and shipped from multiple warehouses.

Extensiv Network Manager combines software, services, tools, and relationships to let 3PLs collaborate to serve brands across multiple warehouses. The service offers capabilities to build and operate a hybrid network, including order routing rules as well as visibility and control over orders regardless of which node is shipping them.

David Miller, VP of strategy at Extensiv said that single- or even two-warehouse fulfillment approaches force brands to choose between paying high prices for unprofitable expedited shipping or choosing low-cost saver services, which results in slow delivery times.

According to Extensiv, early adopters have seen positive results. One customer, Rocket Shippers, is using Extensiv Network Manager to lower shipping costs while decreasing transit times by routing orders to the best-fit fulfillment centre in their network.

“The Network Manager team did an amazing job streamlining our order routing rules,” said Matthew Schneider, senior Account manager at Rocket Shippers. “Network Manager has made it so much easier to process Seller Fulfilled Prime orders in our network as well as providing inventory visibility across multiple facilities.”

Inventory and transaction details are visible across all networked warehouses in a single, dedicated management portal. This eliminates duplicate entry and the confusion of multiple logins and systems.

Logic-based order routing and management tools automatically send orders to the best fulfillment centre in the network, based upon virtually unlimited business rules; seamless order flows from cart to the WMS and back, without duplicate setups or convoluted tagging, with real-time order processing status across all servicing facilities.

Configurable cloud-based software eliminates complexity and can be set up with minimal time and effort.