Mobile scanning app

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

EL SEGUNDO, California – 3PL Central has released SmartScan, a mobile scanning application that integrates with its 3PL Warehouse Manager​. SmartScan offers a hands-free and paperless experience for warehouse staff.

3PL Central conducted dozens of interviews with warehouse professionals from top-performing 3PLs, resulting in a best practice mobile solution designed specifically for third-party logistics companies that supports both traditional B2B services and e-commerce fulfillment.

With the demand for up-to-the-minute status updates, 3PLs require a comprehensive mobile solution, such as 3PL Central’s SmartScan, that offers improved labour accountability and efficiency; better order accuracy; and, real-time visibility.

While SmartScan supports traditional 3PL processes (pallet in/pallet out, carton in/carton out, receiving, etc.), warehouses providing e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment services will be the biggest beneficiaries of this new solution.

SmartScan is built on architecture that allows it to run on both enterprise-class hardware, such as the Zebra MC9300 or MC3300 as well as consumer devices such as Android phones and tablets; a warehouse can choose the hardware that is right for their environment, customer needs, and budget – and can even run different hardware in different parts of the warehouse, based upon the task.