High-speed door for cold storage

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Barrier Glider Cold Storage Door by Rite-Hite is a high-speed, bi-parting door that is designed for refrigerated warehouses, food manufacturing/processing plants, grocery distribution centres and other facilities that require strict environmental control.

The Barrier Glider Door uses Rite-Hite’s patented Thermal-Flex Sealing System, which provides a heated perimeter sealing design. Flexible Iso-Tek panels are three inches thick and rated R-10.

The trolley assembly is constructed of heavy gauge round tubing and uses hourglass-shaped rollers so the panel can rotate on the track to absorb a strike. As a safety feature, the panels automatically reverse when they encounter an obstruction.

Safety is also enhanced (and heat transfer reduced) by the Barrier Glider’s fast operating speeds. Powered by a 1 HP AC motor, it moves at up to 80 inches per second when opening and 30 inches per second when closing.

Panels range in size from six by eight feet up to 12 by 20 ft. They are available with optional 14-inch by 32-inch vision panels for increased visibility and safety.

The Barrier Glider comes standard with the Rite-Hite Graphic User Interface (GUI) door control panel. The industry’s only seven-inch LCD touchscreen interface displays real-time door status and allows workers to troubleshoot settings without personal protective equipment.