Hospital receiving app

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Tecsys Inc.’s Elite Healthcare supply chain execution platform now adds a receiving function.

Elite Healthcare Receiving is a hospital receiving application that integrates receiving and delivery processes into a health system’s supply chain operations.

The app allows for coordinated distribution to easily manage items in all locations throughout the hospital using a single point of entry. The platform-integrated product eliminates the use of multiple tools, systems and processes and provides complete chain of custody tracking.

“This solution is a true testament to our end-to-end value proposition in healthcare, and widens the capability gap even more between Tecsys’ Elite Healthcare platform and other point solutions on the market,” explains Cory Turner CMRP, senior director of healthcare strategy.

“By integrating the hospital receiving function as part of the holistic supply chain execution process, we are eliminating the typically accepted gap between warehouse and distribution management and in-hospital inventory management.”

Healthcare supply chains are typically bifurcated between the activities within a distribution or consolidated service centre and those at point of use. The receiving function then depends on ERP integration or a standalone bolt-on application.

In order to maintain data integrity and end-to-end visibility of items moving through the hospital, supply chain staff are therefore required to either duplicate entries or flip flop between two systems, slowing down the receiving process. Tecsys’s  software platform has stitched together data and process flow, without the need for bolt-ons or auxiliary solutions.