Lithium-ion battery chargers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Green Cubes Technology has introduced Lithium Safeflex Chargers to charge its line of Lithium Safeflex Batteries. Green Cubes offers enterprises both lithium-ion batteries and affiliated chargers to the material handling industry.

These chargers are offered in 15 Kilowatt (kW) and 30 kW models. Each model supports up to three simultaneous charging ports and performs voltage auto-detect for each of the charging ports. Efficient charging of multiple lift trucks lowers utility costs for enterprise customers.

Material Handling Charger available in 15kW & 30 kW models with one, two or three outputs.

Green Cubes’ state-of-the-art Lithium Safeflex chargers employ high-frequency battery charging technology which allows the charger to remain compact.

Multiple outputs and automatic voltage detection via CAN communication enable simultaneous charging of multiple trucks with a single utility connection. The chargers have universal AC power input, a touchscreen display and remote management with embedded Internet of Things (IoT) that provides real-time performance information of each charge session with a battery.

Local and remote staff can review and manage charger/truck integration and overall fleet performance in real-time.

Three output model with cables and accessories.

“We are excited to offer a more comprehensive power solution for our customers and partners,” explains Robin Schneider, director of marketing.

“The modular design allows an entire fleet, from 24V pallet jacks to 80V forklifts, to be serviced with a single charger product that delivers opportunity charging around the clock.”


Lithium Safeflex Chargers are available in 15 and 30 kW models with 1one, two or three outputs, to charge 24, 36, 48, 72, 80 and 96 Volt Lithium-ion batteries.  The operating temperature range from -4F to 122F allows for operation in a wide range of environments.

Green Cubes will be at Modex 2022.