Lithium-ion-ready rider pallet truck

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Raymond Corporation has added a new lithium-ion-ready rider pallet truck to its suite of intralogistics solutions.

The newly introduced, next-generation Raymond 8910 enclosed end rider pallet truck with iWAREHOUSE telematics solutions is suited for heavy-duty and high-throughput applications.

This pallet truck has intuitive, easy-to-use controls and a roomy operator compartment with enhanced ergonomics, especially for long hauls. The pallet truck also features ergonomic steering and a deadman pedal requiring less effort to operate.

“With skilled labour in short supply, operations are looking for technologies that are operator-friendly and ergonomic,” said Chad Kritzman, product manager of pallet trucks for The Raymond Corporation.

“This cutting-edge pallet jack provides a user-friendly operating experience with features like auto-slowdown when cornering to further enhance load stability and operator confidence.”

The new 8910 rider pallet truck includes:

  • The ability to easily integrate with a full suite of telematics solutions through the iWAREHOUSE Fleet Management System, allowing operations to gather valuable information directly from their fleet and workforce to enhance efficiency and reliability.
  • A newly updated OCSS option that is designed for work in cold-storage applications.
  • Upgraded technology components that reduce energy consumption, providing a longer uptime.
  • Reduced head length, which enables a smaller turning radius for greater maneuverability in tight areas.
  • Automatic drive tire centering upon startup and auto-slowdown when cornering.

Ideal material handling applications for the 8910 enclosed end rider pallet truck include:

  • Horizontal transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Long runs to P&D stations
  • Cold storage
  • Pallet breakdown

Various fork lengths are available to maximize productivity in a variety of order picking applications.