Meclift expands into Canada

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
GT Group has bought the first Meclift unit in Canada.

Finnish equipment manufacturer Meclift is now selling its products in Canada.

The company manufactures reach trucks, specializing in vehicles with heavy lifting capacity ranges from 16 to 50 tonnes for ports, airports and industrial applications.

Montreal-based GT Group has taken delivery of the first Meclift truck in Canada. GT Group, founded in 1978, offers container transportation, repair, modifications, leasing, storage, warehousing and cross-dock services to customers in Canada and the United States.

It will use the ML1812R Variable Reach Truck to move heavy cargo once it completes a warehouse expansion project, according to president Danny Terrigno.

“We are proud to be the first company in Canada to purchase this new product and are sincerely grateful to Meclift for making a product that will allow us to continue being an industry leader,” he said.

The 18 ton truck is the company’s most popular model, says Meclift’s Janne Kalliomäki. The truck fits into a maritime container without damaging the container or the shipped product.

The forklifts are often used in the steel industry.

The company’s larger products are typically used to fill containers, using accessories such as forks for steel rolls, pliers for side loading steel rolls, a lifting beam for loading long items into containers, and air cargo forks on rollers.

“A Meclift machine can do the work of several traditional machines, which means real savings for the customer,” Kalliomäki said.

“With our variable reach truck, the customer can fulfil most of their needs by using only one Meclift machine.”

Made in Finland

The forktrucks are made in Finland by Lännen MCE, which retains a 40 percent share of Meclift. Ninety percent of components are sourced in Finland, from a base of just 10 suppliers.

Kalliomäki pointed out that this domestic sourcing strategy has been advantageous during the pandemic, as the company has not had any slowdowns due to supply chain interruption.

Meclift is represented in more than 30 countries. In 2021 the company’s goal is to double production and sales volumes. So far this year they have delivered an 18-ton machine to Brazil, and two 42-ton machines to Bangladesh.

In the near future the manufacturer says it will bring an electric-drive unit to market, along with remote maintenance and diagnostic software.