Motorized pallet jack

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Raymond Corporation has added to the Raymond Basics product line with the Edge — a motorized, lithium-ion pallet jack with a 3,300-pound capacity.

Designed for use in tight spaces, the 27-by-45-inch pallet jack is compact, and offers pinwheeling capability along with turtle and creep modes.

Quickly operational, the Edge pallet jack is ready to work with a simple pin code entry. It also offers the same familiar controls as other motorized pallet jacks with lift, lower, travel and horn functions all accessed by using the ergonomic handle.

“We are always looking to provide new products utilizing efficient energy solutions to help businesses drive continuous improvement, optimize their operations and support their ever-changing needs,” said Mike Distin, product manager for Raymond Basics, The Raymond Corporation.

“The Edge does just that by increasing operator comfort with electric lift, lower and travel. Coupled with its competitive price, short delivery time and application flexibility, it’s easy to see how the Edge could help give operations a competitive advantage.”

Fast battery changes and opportunity charging maximize time on the floor, and an external charger allows the battery to be charged inside or outside the pallet jack. Additionally, to further minimize downtime and increase productivity, users can order a spare battery to charge while the other is in use.