New AGVs

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Core Tow Tractor

COLUMBUS, Indiana — Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has unveiled two new automated guided vehicles (AGVs), a Center-Controlled Rider Automated Forklift and a Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklift.

The Center-Controlled Rider Automated Forklift and Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklift can each be manually operated when needed but are also powered by Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) natural features navigation.

Both products require little or no additional infrastructure or setup and can be integrated into existing operations safely, seamlessly, and efficiently.

Center-Controlled Rider

With towing capacities of up to 10,000 pounds for the Core Tow Tractor Automated Forklift and lifting capacities up to 7,000 pounds for the Center-Controlled Rider Automated Forklift. These products offer accuracy tolerance ranges as narrow as a half-inch.

Toyota automated forklifts accomplish this by utilizing advanced sensors that also prompt the vehicle to slow or stop when an unmapped object is detected in its path. They are engineered to detect mapped structures behind objects, meaning an errant pallet or object will not interrupt normal operation.