Online shopping pick-up port

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by Emily Atkins

The PickUpPort a public-facing port that lets customers shop online and pick up their order directly from the AutoStore System.

With the new PickUpPort, retailers can offer a pick-up option in-store, and customers can see how robots pick, organize, and store items.

The PickUpPort doesn’t demand extensive implementation and training. When a customer places an order and chooses in-store pickup, the controlling computer asks the robot to pick the bins that contain the products. The warehouse operator consolidates the order, and the order is stored. When the customer arrives at the store, a robot delivers the bin with the right products to the PickUpPort.

Autostore robots learn which SKUs are the fastest movers and keep them near the top of the matrix.

The new technology is a direct response to the evolving demand for greater efficiency in the way customers receive products. Adding public-facing ports to stores can drive additional in-store purchases and enable retailers to provide a frictionless omnichannel shopping experience for customers.

As this is the first public-facing Port from AutoStore, multiple safety measures were taken into account during product development. The PickUpPort is equipped with a warning label, safety bar, a damper, and stoppers.

The PickUpPort is always locked while waiting for the bin to arrive at the port, and a LED lamp signals when it’s ready to be opened.

The complete AutoStore system consists of an aluminum grid, robots, bins, ports, and a controller. The stacked bins are arranged in a grid and robots ride on rails on top of it, retrieving bins as needed. The bins are then delivered to a port, where warehouse operators are stationed to pick up or fill in products, tag, pack and send them out. The controller acts as the brain behind the whole operation.

AutoStore founded in 1996, has over 950 systems installed in 45 countries in a wide range of industries