Stealthy foil for porch pirates

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Parcel theft by porch pirates is becoming a massive problem across North America. In addition, thanks to the pandemic,  contactless delivery and pickup are growing.

Parcel Secure products offer a solution for both, that is functional in other ways. It is a wooden bench or chair with an integrated parcel locker underneath.

Simply lock the item in the parcel bench/chair and pass the code along to the person doing the pickup.

Made from Shorea wood (a tropical hardwood), the heavy density of the wood allows it to withstand wind, rain, sun, and snow. It’s highly resistant to bugs, mold, and rot.

The keypad lock is mechanical, with no electronics or batteries. It’s durable in all weather conditions and comes with a lifetime warranty. A generic pass code is set from factory but can be changed by the consumer if they choose.

The bench and chair are functional, discrete, and add to the aesthetics of the consumer’s home. They blend in and don’t attract attention. The first line of defence is out of sight, out of mind.

The lock can be left unlocked. Then all the consumer needs to do is leave instructions with their online purchase order for the parcel to be placed inside. The driver then locks the deadbolt with one simple turn. Once the deadbolt is engaged, the delivery is safe until the consumer arrives home. Alternatively, the pass code can be added to the delivery instructions if expecting several deliveries in a day.