Pallet inverter

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The PalletPal Inverter from Southworth inverts fully loaded pallets in a matter of seconds.

Pallet inversion can be necessary for several reasons including as part of a shipping and receiving process; swapping from in-house to shipping pallets or slipsheets; or to deal with damage to pallets or goods, broken boards or boxes/bags hit by forks. PalletPal Inverters are also commonly used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications to turn inventory for freshness or to prevent mixtures from separating or settling.

It is a faster, safer and easier alternative to manual restacking which requires workers to bend, reach, stretch and lift heavy loads.

In operation, a full pallet with a second pallet on top of the load is placed into the inverter where two double-acting hydraulic cylinders securely clamp the load. The clamping mechanism has user-adjustable pressure control to assure that lighter loads will not be crushed.

A five-button momentary contact pushbutton is used to engage the clamp and also rotate the load either clockwise or counter-clockwise. A 3.2 HP motor rotates the load on a heavy-duty turret bearing. Rotation can be stopped in any position. Loads can be fully inverted in under 20 seconds.

Three standard models are available with the largest accommodating loads measuring up to 48” x 48” x 84” and weighing up to 4400 lb.