Parcel sortation system

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Tompkins Robotics has debuted t-Sort Plus for its parcel sortation system suite.

The t-Sort system uses independent robots that can go to any divert and induction station autonomously along the shortest path. Robots, chutes, and induction stations can be added at any time with no interruption to operations.

Additionally, robots can be added for peak seasons and taken out of service when not needed.

The t-Sort Plus standard payload is up to 30 kilograms with a load size of up to 19 by 40 inches. An optional configuration allows for up to 55 kg. Induction can be manual or automated.

t-Sort Plus moves in any direction and is easily programmed to meet large item or parcel sorting needs. The robots run up to four hours on a five- to eight-minute charge, recharging automatically when needed.