Proximity alarm

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The tag vibrates when wearers get within two metres of one another.

GREENVILLE, North Carolina – Yale Materials Handling Corporation has introduced a solution designed to help promote social distancing measures as businesses reopen, using sensors embedded in tags that buzz when personnel get within two metres of one another.

Employees can simply wear the electronic tags on a lanyard, similar to building or equipment access cards, offering a minimally intrusive solution that only makes its presence known when providing a proximity alert.

The solution uses ultra-wideband technology for tag-to-tag sensing and communication, requiring no additional infrastructure, such as Wi-Fi or cellular network coverage, to function. The devices require a unique, custom sequence to power down, a feature meant to prevent employees from selectively turning off the system to avoid social distancing enforcement.

“The tag-to-tag solution offers a consistent method that takes the burden of requesting safe physical distance in work settings off of the individual,” says Kevin Paramore, emerging technology commercialization manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation.

“This approach can help businesses build confidence among employees as they return to work, using a simple yet effective technology framework available at a competitive value.”

The proximity tag buzzes to get users’ attention without the disruption of an audible alert, making it a suitable choice for a noisy warehouse floor, office settings and more. The tag-to-tag solution can also integrate with the Yale Vision telemetry system, unlocking additional custom functionality and management visibility.

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