Reach-fork trucks with integrated intelligence

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

GREENE, N.Y. – The Raymond Corporation launches a series of Raymond Reach-Fork trucks integrated with technologies and telematics for an enhanced operator experience and increased warehouse productivity. These trucks feature an industry-exclusive 7-inch multifunction colour display with touch-screen functionality and an intuitive interface.

Designed for superior performance and productivity, Raymond Reach-Fork trucks are engineered with fewer parts and more durable components with industry-leading lift, lower, acceleration and travel speeds. With the widest choice of operator stance options, Raymond’s Reach-Fork trucks have precise control with an intuitive single-axis control handle, superior suspension and stability system. The single display eliminates the need for multiple screens in the compartment. Having one consolidated display enhances the operator’s overall experience.

By taking this Reach-Fork truck and adapting it to today’s warehouses, all technological capabilities are fully integrated with the Raymond ACR System. The multifunction colour touch-screen display is an information center for the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable telematics solution, iWAREHOUSE Evolution. The display includes all truck data from truck speed to battery state of charge, and optional technologies, including height-tilt indicator and the Vantage Point camera to help the operator.

To help technicians, this display showcases fault codes and diagnostic information to aid in troubleshooting. This revolutionary display allows users to electronically turn on functions and capabilities as they’re needed. As business needs change, this scalable platform evolves with the customer, so efficiency and productivity can continuously be improved while also identifying opportunities to reduce costs.

“We are thrilled to be the first to market with an integrated technology and telematics solution,” says Michael Field, chief executive officer for The Raymond Corporation. “Helping make our customers’ operations more efficient is always our focus when launching new products. Now, it’s easier than ever to give our customers a single scalable telematics solution that improves productivity and operator experience.