Second-level order picker

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Model 8720 2nd level orderpicker with elevated platform

GREENE, N.Y. — Today’s warehouses are challenged with slotting a growing number of SKUs in floor accessible pick slots, driving a need for second-level order picking solutions. In response to this need, The Raymond Corporation introduces two new trucks: the Model 8720 2nd level orderpicker with elevated platform, and the new Model 8410 pallet truck with second level pick steps option. Because North American operators work their trucks longer and harder than those in other markets, these trucks are designed and built to specifically meet the expectations of heavy duty users.

“Rather than bring a truck designed for a different market, Raymond chose to invest in the development and design of a new second-level order picking solution,” said Sue Rice, product manager of pallet trucks for Raymond. “Developing the Model 8720 with these applications in mind enabled us to design a product solution that provides more capacity, longer fork options and taller elevating height for increased pick access, in addition to the productivity and durability advantages of our standard 8000 Series pallet truck line.”

Raymond Model 8720 2nd level orderpicker with elevated platform
The Raymond Model 8720 2nd level orderpicker with elevated hydraulic platform provides operators with an industry-leading 47 inches of elevated height, increasing access to pick slots on the second and, in some cases, third load beam levels. With a 6,000- and 8,000-pound weight capacity available, customers have the option to carry one, two or three pallets per trip to reduce travel and increase pick time in the aisle. In fact, this is the only 2nd level orderpicker in North America today that offers an 8,000-pound capacity with triple-fork length. Single- and double-fork options also are available.

Other productivity-driving features and options available on the Model 8720 include an enlarged operator compartment for easier entry and exit as well as options to travel at height with simultaneous travel while lifting and lowering and hands-free platform lowering. Operators also appreciate an audible indicator that sounds when the platform has fully lowered for increased confidence when stepping from the compartment. With IP65 protection to electronic components, the Model 8720 offers long-lasting durability with heavy-duty components that include a ductile iron undercarriage with stainless steel pins, steel-reinforced bumper and composite bushings.

Raymond Model 8410 pallet truck with 2nd level pick steps option
The versatile Raymond Model 8410 pallet truck with 2nd level pick steps option offers three heavy-duty, nonslip steps — accessible from either side of the truck — that lead to a picking platform for easy access to second-level load beams. Providing 44 inches of pick height access with forks elevated combined with versatile operation (ranging from dock to horizontal transport to low-level order picking) make it a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic-lift 2nd level orderpicker trucks for applications with less frequent trips to the second-level load beams.