Tires for terminal equipment

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
New heavy-duty tires from Nokian help to stabilize empty container handling equipment.

Nokia, Finland – Nokian Tyres presents two new sizes for the Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tire family, 14.00-24 and 16.00-25, to improve the stability of the empty container handling equipment and forklifts as well.

For reach stackers, forklifts and log stackers, stability is an important factor in making the work safe and efficient. The busy terminal work doesn’t allow too many tries, so it’s important that the tires used on container handling machinery dampens any vibrations or shocks quickly.

“The higher you reach, the more stable foundation you need”, says Tuomas Färlin, business line director (OTR) at Nokian Tyres. “The tire stability has a direct effect on the safety and efficiency of your work.”

Nokian’s HTS G2 series of port and terminal tires has been designed from ground up with high stability and load-bearing capacity in mind. Particular attention has been paid to the tire flexing area, which benefits from the special shock-absorbing rubber compound used in the tire carcass. All Nokian HTS G2 tires are bias tires, a famously stable tire principle that has been further improved by the Nokian Tyres engineering.

Nokian HTS G2 tires are available in two versions – the slick Nokian HTS G2 L-4S tire and Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tire, which features a chamfered pattern blocks for easy turning. “The slick tire wears out very slowly, of course”, Tuomas Färlin says. “But also the Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tire has very wear-resistant tread with solid rubber in the center to prevent puncture damage”

The Nokian HTS G2 E-4 tires will be available from June 2019 onwards in sizes 14.00-24 and 16.00-25. ”The new tire sizes are selected to complement the product family and extend it towards empty container handlers and terminal forklifts”, Färlin says. “The same properties that have proven themselves useful in reach stacker use work well for these applications as well.”

With the added sizes, Nokian Tyres can offer a full range of purpose-built special tires for demanding harbor applications. “Their job is all about fast throughput times without compromising safety”, Färlin describes the challenges faced by the end users. “With Nokian Tyres, they can have more peace of mind even on the busiest day.”