Vacuum cups for end-of-arm tooling

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Materials are available to suit most any application.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a wide range of vacuum cups for end-of-arm tooling, ergonomic lifters, and other pick-and-place devices.

Round, rectangular or oval cups are available from stock for immediate shipment for a variety of lift manufacturers including Cynergy Ergonomics, Indutrol, and others.  Sizes and types of cups to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating, or “pick and place” applications.

Vacuum valves, swivel joints, level compensators and other accessories can increase the productivity and energy efficiency of lifting systems.

Materials are available to suit most any application including food handling, high-temperature materials, anti-static for handling electronic components, and more.

Vi-Cas can quote custom designs from customer-supplied drawings, or reverse engineer from customer-supplied cups.

Vi-Cas has been manufacturing vacuum cups in various shapes, sizes and materials since 1970.