Beta testers needed for skills matching tool

by MM&D Online Staff

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council is looking for volunteers to beta test its Connector – Skills-Matching Tool, a resource for assessing and building essential skills and supply chain knowledge.

Using the Connector – Skills Matching Tool, employers and individuals will be able to identify occupation-focused strengths and skill gaps, and connect to education and training resources from a wide variety of Canadian providers: universities and colleges, training organizations and industry associations.

The web application will be useful to:

  • Employers, who will use the assessments and learning activities to gauge and upgrade their employees’ skills;
  • Employees, who will use the tools to assess and upgrade their skills in relation to current or desired occupations; and
  • Job seekers, who will use the website to explore careers, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and determine where to go to upgrade their skills.

This tool has been developed by industry for industry. Over 200 supply chain representatives have contributed 900 in-kind hours to its development. More information on the purpose and development of the Connector – Skills Matching Tool can be found at

For the beta testing, the CSCSC is asking you to contribute/invest approximately 1 hour of time from one or two members of your management/supervisory team and five to 10 employees. That’s a total of about 20 hours of time between May and September. The commitment is minimal.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate, contact Project Manager Pat Campbell, at