Line sorter and pouch system

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Beumer has introduced a new line sorter and pouch system designed for mid-volume operations.

The BG Line Sorter solution extends the handling mix of parcel and material handling operations by allowing them to sort the widest possible range of items, with a modular design to ensure flexibility to optimize the use of space.

The BG Line Sorter makes use of low-friction components to ensure endurance and high system availability.

“We are pleased to lead a paradigm shift in line sorting by using active slat-belt technology and linear synchronous motors to deliver a line sorter that combines the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed, cross-belt sorter. Based on proven technology, the solution features highly durable belts and maintenance-free motor technologies to keep energy consumption and maintenance costs at a necessary low,” said Terry Brown, Beumer Group’s logistic systems sales director.The BG Pouch System delivers less touch, low-cost, multi-use sortation for fulfillment and distribution centres by using wasted overhead space. The BG Pouch System, also known as pocket technology, can buffer, sort and sequence single items to automate the order handling and returns processes with an industry new capacity of over 10,000 items/hour per sortation module.

With warehouse management system (WMS) data, the BG Pouch System can serve as an intermediate buffer for items most likely to be resold and optimize the supply chain from warehouse to B2C and B2B recipients with less manual handling.

“The power of the BG Pouch System transforms your unused overhead space into a powerful omnichannel sort-and-return solution while also increasing operational flexibility,” said Brown. “BG Pouch System benefits can be realized for partners throughout e-commerce, including fashion, pharmaceuticals, electric and express services.”