Light conveyor platform

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

With the new Light Conveyor Platform (LCP), Interroll is expanding its range of products with a platform based material-flow solution.

Designed as a plug-and-play modular system, the LCP allows system integrators to implement scalable belt conveyor sections to  meet customer-specific automation requirements for material flow.

Efficient material feed and discharge play a crucial role in realizing the productivity potential of manufacturing cells, assembly and packaging stations. At the same time, rapidly changing process environments in many other industries require flexible conveyor solutions that can easily adapt to new requirements.

Corresponding LCP-based belt conveyors can be easily assembled from factory-preassembled and predefined modules without any engineering, and can be put into operation quickly and safely via an autonomous machine control system, with or without an additional programmable logic controller (PLC). Depending on customer requirements and application, however, connection to an external PLC with user-specific programming is also possible.

Interroll’s LCP is designed to transport smaller conveyed goods, as well as boxes or polybags weighing up to 50 kilograms. The conveyors, which can also handle inclines or declines, are driven by compact and energy efficient drum motors that have an efficiency of over 85 percent, keeping energy consumption and energy costs very low.

The fully modular system can be planned and assembled on the PC monitor using Interroll’s popular Layouter tool. This drastically reduces project lead times and the necessary effort for system integrators. In addition, the predefined module sizes in different lengths and widths create the best conditions for fast production and delivery times.

The new LCP was extensively tested before market launch, subjected to extreme endurance and load tests, and developed according to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DMFA) standards. It includes an integrated emergency shutdown at the push of a button, complies with all relevant safety regulations and has a quiet noise level during operation.

The LCP is produced at Interroll’s site in Hvidovre, Denmark, and is available immediately in Europe, and soon in Asia and the Americas.