Driver mobile app updated with digital proof of delivery

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

TECUMSEH, Ontario – CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America), a a provider of  freight collaboration and communication solutions for the transportation industry, has new digital document creation functionality available in its CX North America Driver Mobile App.

The next-generation mobile app, designed to enhance visibility and enable communication from booking to Proof of Delivery, now allows drivers to create and electronically send instant, high-quality bill of lading documents in PDF format for immediate invoicing.

After a delivery is made and bill of lading signed, drivers are able to take a photo of the document with their smartphone camera to begin the PDF creation process. Designed to optimize photos taken even in poor, low-light conditions, the mobile app will process the image and adjust for contrast, clarity and orientation.

The driver is able to crop the photo as necessary, removing unwanted background and focusing on the document itself. The app then automatically converts the file to a formally acceptable electronic format, transforming the image from simply a photo of a document to a viable Proof of Delivery.

The PDF can then be sent instantaneously to the dispatcher, saving both drivers and carriers time and money by allowing the billing process to begin more quickly.

Simon Bunegar, senior vice president of marketing, CX North America, says, “Our mobile app is designed by transport professionals for transport professionals as a solution to address operational inefficiencies with real-time visibility and instant communication. In the past, drivers have always relied on traditional methods to submit signed PODs, such as faxing or mailing. These processes take hours at minimum, most often days. Our new functionality puts all the necessary documentation in the right hands instantly, resulting in faster payment times for carriers and drivers. What was once a time consuming, paper-based practice is now accelerated, streamlined system that improves the overall efficiency of the delivery process.”

Intended for collaboration between carriers, drivers, brokers and 3PLs, the mobile app offers a range of information exchange and tracking capabilities for real-time freight management, including up-to-the-minute status updates, automated alerts and two-way messaging for vital job orders. The app’s easy-to-use functionality allows firms to operate more efficiently by maximizing vehicle utilization, load management and capacity.

Designed by transport professionals for transport professionals, the CX North America Driver Mobile App is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is free of charge for CX North America subscribers and firms doing business with subscribers.

The app is optimized for display on a full range of screens.