IPICO protocol published as ISO standard

by Array

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has chosen Burlington, Ontario-based IPICO Inc’s communication protocol as the open-air interface standard for global passive radio frequency identification (RFID) item-level management.

The ISO 18000-6 “Parameters for Air Interface Communications at 860 to 960 MHz” now includes Type-D, an enhanced version of IPICO Inc’s IP-X communication protocol, commercially known as TOTAL (Tag Only Talks After Listening).

IPICO, a RFID technology, products and services provider, said the revision allows IP-X TOTAL-compliant chips, tags and readers to work with any products that fall in line with ISO 18000-6 goods.

IPICO’s IP-X-based UHF X9 chip was launched in 2009 and is the first TOTAL-compliant chip. The company uses ISO-compliant X9 chips, tags and readers in electronic vehicle tracking systems in the UK, China, North Africa and India and as railway management solutions in Europe.

“The acceptance of IPICO’s air interface communication protocol on its technical merits by the ISO community represents a very important milestone for IPICO,” said Gordon Westwater, the company’s president and CEO. “With a growing installation base in several developing countries, IPICO has successfully deployed its UHF electronic vehicle identification and rail solutions in very tough and demanding operating environments. Having this passive UHF RFID technology ISO-compliant will give greater assurance to our current and future customers, particularly those involved in large scale deployments.”

IPICO’s TOTAL compliant chips, tags and readers will work alongside Reader Talk First Systems.