MODEX 2012: New products

by Array

GEORGIA, Georgia: Here are some of the products launched at MODEX:

Crossing Guard

Safety sensor

The Crossing Guard, a Canadian-made safety sensor, is designed to prevent collisions between people and forklifts in warehouse environments. From Burlington, Ontario-based Flow-Rite Safety Solutions LLC, the solar-powered system monitors risk areas with infrared and ultrasonic sensors. When it senses two separate motions that have collision potential, it triggers sound and light alarms, notifying workers and drivers of potential danger.

Modular sorter

The TranSorter from Glasgow, Kentucky-based SpanTech Sortation Technologies, was created for end-of-line shipping, goods-to-man fulfillment, inbound sortation and returns processing systems. Its modular design extends and retracts to create an opening while the belt continues to move forward. It comes in two versions: the TranSorter 300 or TranSorter 600. The TranSorter has a forward speed of 0.76m/sec, a retract speed of 1.5m/sec, and a maximum capacity of 3,600 units per hour.

Noise-reduction barrier

Sound Curtains

Pewaukee, Wisconsin-based Goff’s Enterprises Inc now offers Sound Curtains to help block industrial noises. The curtains and screens fan fold and collapse, allowing for easy storage. Sound Curtains have been found to reduce noise by up to 45dB with a typical sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26 within the covered area. The vinyl material is water, mildew and rot-resistant and is available in nine colours.

New Monarch M2

Tough tires

Fairlawn, Ohio-based Trelleborg Wheel Systems debuted a new version of its solid industrial tire. The new version of the Monarch M2 has a more aggressive tread design than previous versions and was created with a longer-lasting compound, offering additional chip and chunk resistance, but like its predecessors, it is a three-stage tire with wire beads in the heel.

Adept Courier

Material handling robot

The Adept Courier, from Adept Technology Inc in Pleasanton California is a small, autonomous delivery system. The Courier can be summoned from a wireless call box located at operator stations and dispatched via pre-programmed buttons on the vehicle. It can also run a pre-determined loop around a facility, or make scheduled deliveries. Its intelligent-path planning capability allows it to select alternative routes if a pathway is obstructed. The Courier comes with a self-charging station.