Modex 2012 to hit Atlanta

by Array

MM&D MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011 PRINT EDITION: Attendees can look forward to a broad scope of topics and equipment at a new trade show next year, courtesy of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).

MODEX 2012 will hit the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta from February 6 to 8, 2012. MHIA spokesperson Carol Miller says while the event is similar to ProMat—MODEX 2012 will provide a look beyond material handling equipment.

“We’ve done some research with our attendees; they wanted a more comprehensive viewpoint of the entire supply chain and the whole manufacturing process through distribution, through end use and disposal,” Miller says. “They wanted the whole process, not just the inside of the building, but also outside the four walls—touching more on transportation, supply chain topics and solutions. We took that information and tried to figure out how best we could develop an event, knowing that material handling and logistics is our core.”

ProMat takes place every odd-numbered year, while MODEX will be held every even-numbered year.

MHIA says MODEX 2012 will be one of the biggest expositions of supply chain, distribution and manufacturing solutions in the Americas in 2012. The show will offer supply chain efficiency solutions, learning opportunities and information though product and services showcases from more than 500 providers from industry, commerce and government. The 150,000sqf floor will be divided into three solution-specific sections: fulfillment and delivery, IT and manufacturing and assembly. Technologies and products to be exhibited will include:

  • Material handling equipment and systems;
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems;
  • Personnel/burden carriers;
  • Racks, forklifts and batteries;
  • Conveyors and sortation equipment;
  • Dock and warehouse equipment and supplies;
  • Sustainable facility and supply chain solutions; and
  • Enterprise resource planning and transportation management systems.

Along with the exhibits, the show will feature the MODEX 2012 Educational Conference. The conference will offer seminars and keynote speakers focusing on the latest equipment and system innovations and applications, along with supply chain and manufacturing trends.

“We’ll have three keynotes (demonstrating) the supply chain focus,” says Miller. “When I say supply chain I also mean manufacturing. It’s manufacturing and supply chain, the entire process of getting the goods from the beginning of the manufacturing process through use and disposal.”

The show’s first day will feature a keynote address from Rick Blasgen, CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), who will talk about the state of logistics and supply chain management. The following day, Alberto Alemán Zubieta, CEO of the Panama Canal Authority, will present a keynote on the canal’s expansion and its impact on supply chains, supply chain infrastructure and global trade. The final day’s keynote speech will come from Dr Don Ratliff of the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. He will address supply chain and logistics performance and its impact on trade.

MODEX will also feature 17 education partners that will present a variety of education and networking events during the show, Miller says. Those partners include the Department of Commerce, NIOSH, Georgia Tech and CSCMP. “It’s added value for the attendee, making it a one-stop shop for manufacturing and supply chain information.”

There’s no cost to attend the show or educational sessions, and free online registration is available. To learn more about MODEX 2012, visit