New software to optimize truck use

by MM&D staff

Munich: Higher transport efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lower cost— Axxom Software AG, a Germany-based software solutions provider, claims to have bundled all three in its new ORion-PI fleet planning solution.

The software creates optimization calculations based on delivery data including order structure, product range, geographical distribution of customer base, delivery frequency and quantities, according to Axxom.

The software uses the data to develop a strategic routing plan and the optimal use of truck fleets.

The solution considers relevant cost factors related to truck operation, drivers and fixed expenses, along with constraints such as storage space or load capacities.

The optimization process also takes into account:

• the average useful life of the trucks;
• seasonal aspects impacting volumes;
• service level requirements; and
• loading and unloading times.

The software can also integrate rental vehicles and third-party service providers into the calculation.

It offers users various simulation options. For example, users can assess how increased diesel costs or new legal requirements might affect the company’s distribution costs.