Ocean shipment visibility

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Savi has geofenced all the world’s major ports.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — Savi, an innovator in big data/machine learning analytic solutions, supply chain management software, and sensor technology, launched its new Ocean ETA capability, bringing precise, live streaming tracking and ETA of land to sea shipments.

A combination of mobile and satellite communications deliver location and condition of in-transit goods. Savi’s machine intelligence constantly compares data sources to track transitions from land to sea and alerts in real-time if a transition is missed. Use of historic and real-time data sources allow continuous calculation of ETA for each leg and can alert days or hours before a transition is missed, giving operations time to adjust shipment plans if needed.

Every port in the world has been custom geofenced by Savi’s technology. Savi can alert when a shipment is within range of any port or customer defined point of interest enabling action for carriers, customs, labour, or documentation before or precisely when it is needed.

“Nobody else offers the level of precise, predictive ETAs for ocean travel that we now provide,” said Rich Carlson, CEO of Savi Technology. “Real-time data from our sensors can precisely track containers on the ocean. This data and machine intelligent analytics gives Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) the ability to orchestrate the part of their supply chain with the greatest variability and potential for risk – ocean shipments. Those BCOs and 3PLs that use the more precise Savi Ocean ETAs for visibility and planning will have a tremendous competitive advantage in customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency.”

Savi delivers live streaming facts and insights about the location, condition and security of in-transit goods. Using big data and analytics, Savi equips shippers, carriers, 3PLs and governments with actionable insights to optimize supply chains before, during and after transit, reducing costs and inventory while improving service. Savi is trusted to support some of the world’s largest and most complex supply chain networks for large CPG, Pharma, the US DoD and over a dozen government agencies around the globe.