Three- and four-wheel forktrucks

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Yale Materials Handling Corporation is introducing new 4,000-pound capacity integrated lithium-ion powered three-wheel and four-wheel forktruck models.

Designed and manufactured with lithium-ion power from the factory, the new models are suited for warehouses in industries like food and beverage, 3PL and retail and e-commerce. 

Both the ERP040VTL, the three-wheel model, and the ERP040VFL, the four-wheel model are designed from the ground up around a fully integrated, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack.

“Counterbalanced trucks in this low-capacity range are critical workhorses and operations need lithium‑ion options backed by a trusted leader in lift truck technology,” says Brad Long, brand manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation.

“We’re making it easier for warehouses to take advantage of lithium-ion power without having to jump through hoops to find a compatible aftermarket lithium-ion battery supplier and retrofit their trucks.”

The trucks pack the advantages of lithium-ion power, including fast charging, zero tailpipe emissions and no gassing in battery charging or maintenance processes, and lower energy costs compared to fossil fuels and lead-acid batteries.

They are also strategically engineered to deliver other key benefits:

  • Ergonomics – an open-space design increases operator freedom to position feet and makes for easy entry and exit
  • Efficiency – zero battery maintenance and fast charging times allow operators to focus more of their time on moving
  • Stability – a repositioned centre of gravity enhances drive quality and improves truck handling in corners

The trucks join the Yale lineup of factory integrated lithium-ion lift trucks, which already includes pneumatic and cushion tire models in the 5,000 to 6,000-pound capacity range, as well as a 15,500 to 19,000-pound capacity series.