Wireless forklift charging

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Delta, a provider of IoT-based solutions, unveiled its new M∞Vair 30 kW Wireless Charging System. The M∞Vair 30 kW model boasts 95 percent contactless power conversion efficiency and can be applied to large industrial e-vehicles, such as electric forklifts, heavy-load AGVs, yard trucks, and airport ground support equipment.

“As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, our 30k W wireless charging model is ready to enhance the productivity and energy efficiency of electric industrial vehicles used in the logistics and manufacturing industries,” said Dave Morse, vice-president of Delta Americas’s industrial and automation.

Delta’s M∞Vair Series Wireless Charging Systems adopt industrial wireless charging technology, which is licensed by WiTricity, a U.S. wireless charging technology company. The Series features 1 kW and 30 kW models, along with the 3.3 kW and 10 kW ones, expected to arrive later this year. Each model is composed of a primary unit, which is connected to the AC supply, and a secondary unit for battery connection in industrial vehicles.

The Series allows wireless charging over a gap of 20 mm to max. 150 mm for various batteries with 93- to 95-percent power conversion efficiency to reduce unnecessary energy waste. The Series’ FCC and CE certifications demonstrate the safety and stability of its inductive coupling for power transmission and the use of the wireless communication Pad-to-Pad Link (PPL).

The PPL communication is developed exclusively by Delta for wireless electrical transfer. It solves the cross-talk issue of WIFI devices and allows a secondary unit of the Series to communicate only with the primary unit at a distance of 200 mm, ensuring the control of the wireless transfer of 30 kW power.