Integrated supplier to serve drug manufacturers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

VALLEY FORGE, Pennsylvania – AmerisourceBergen has integrated two of its businesses, World Courier, a global logistics provider, and ICS, a third party logistics (3PL) provider, to create a specialty logistics partner to support clinical drug trials through to commercialization.

Expanding on decades in the clinical trial and commercial 3PL space, World Courier and ICS will create a single partner for manufacturers, with the aim of reducing complexity and improving customer experience while offering a unified logistics platform.

“We know the promise that highly specialized treatments, such as cell and gene therapies, bring to the market is enormous. We also recognize that to achieve the best clinical outcomes, therapy innovators must be flanked with the support of a partner with broad expertise, global reach and flawless supply chain execution,” said Sam Herbert, president of World Courier and ICS.

“Integrating our expertise enhances our support for partners’ development and commercialization needs and allows us to offer a complete logistics solution.”

The integrated organization will offer a complete cryogenic supply chain. With highly complex and patient-centric structures, cell and gene therapies have challenged the traditional process of specialty products.

To manage this complexity for allogeneic products, World Courier and ICS offer vapor-charged cryogenic storage with fully automated technology and temperature-controlled transport from the manufacturer location to a storage facility and then to each point of care in dry shippers, while navigating international borders and maintaining temperature requirements.