Light load: Building a ship in under two minutes [Video]

by MM&D staff

STRAITS OF KOREA—Just looking at the specs, it’s evident the new class of Triple-E ships will be impressive.

Once completed they will be 400m long, 59m wide and 73m high and will carry 18,000TEUs.

According to Maersk, the shipping line that has commissioned the Triple-Es (which stands for “economies of scale, energy efficiency and environmentally improved”, they will be the largest vessels of any type on the water.

They are being built at the DSME Shipyard in South Korea. The first Triple-E is scheduled to be delivered on June 28 ,2013.

While they will be hard to miss on the water—or docked in port—there will be any easy way for people to get a glimpse of them. The Triple-Es are going to star in a TV show. Maersk has partnered with the Discovery Channel to produce a series documenting their design, construction and launch. The show is scheduled to air in November.

If you can’t wait until then to watch the ships come together, a time-lapsed video has been released showing their full construction. The video has been created by stitching together 50,000 photographs shot over a three-month timeframe.