Peel Region Covid closures mount

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

More businesses have been partly or completely shut down in Ontario’s Peel region in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the area. Peel is home to the largest concentration of distribution operations in Canada, and many of the businesses affected by the shutdowns are large Dcs operated by and for major companies.

The regional government in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is posting a list of all the businesses it orders to modify operations as a result of Covid infections.

On April 30, Amazon fulfillment centre YYZ-3 in Brampton was ordered partially close, and two distribution centres – one in Brampton and one in Mississauga – for fashion retailer TJX, which owns Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense, were also told to partly close. On May 1 the Fedex Ship Centre at 6895 Bramalea Road in Mississauga was also partially closed.

Canadian Tire’s DC on Goreway Drive in Brampton was also partly closed on April 27.

On April 28th a Canada Post facility was ordered shut, sending 80 employees home. Earlier in the week two Amazon distribution centres where ordered partly closed.

According to Peel Public Health, closures will happen with five cases that are identified to have been reasonably acquired in the workplace over a 14-day span.

Modified closure criteria apply to large businesses. Based on risk assessment it will be determined if full or partial closure is warranted. Closure may last 10 calendar days, with day one starting the day after the business is notified they must close.

This will allow Peel Public Health to investigate the outbreaks without the risk of spread of infection and provide additional recommendations to workplaces.

All affected employees must self-isolate unless otherwise directed by public health. Employees who are isolating are not permitted to work in any other workplace. This further restricts spread should they have been exposed in their workplace.

Absent legislated paid sick days, employers required to close under these provisions are strongly recommended to provide paid leave for impacted employees.

These closures will allow Peel Public Health to investigate without risk of continuing spread, protecting employees and the community.

Peel Public Health will be reviewing workplaces that meet the closure criteria on a daily basis to determine what action is required.

The list will be updated daily, Monday – Friday at noon. It will include the business name, address, date of closure and whether the closure is full or partial. Case numbers will not be provided.

Workplaces will be removed from the list the day after they have been allowed to re-open by Peel Public Health.