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Weland group acquires Kodverkstan

July 9, 2019

GISLAVED, SWEDEN – The Weland group has acquired Kodverkstan. The acquisition means that Weland Solutions now completely owns Compact Store WMS, which was developed together with Kodverkstan.

Weland has formed a new company, Weland Software to handle Compact Store.

Since 1999, when the two companies began to cooperate, approximately 400 instances of Compact Store have been installed for customers.

“The main reason for the acquisition is that we are growing rapidly outside Sweden, so we want to have Compact Store completely in our own ownership. We have also built a new software team,” says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions.

“We are also pleased with the expertise that will now be available at Weland Solutions’ IT department.”

Compact Store version 2.0 will be launched later this year. According to Björn Karlsson, the new version will have a more modern interface.

Compact Store is built to control Weland Solutions vertical storage lifts. The system is modular, making it easy to connect new functions as needs arise.

The WMS supports all operations included in inventory management, such as incoming deliveries, combining, prioritizing and starting of picking orders, transfer and refilling of items and inventory.

Compact Store can be used as a completely stand-alone system, but it is usually connected to an ERP system. The ERP manages the economy and Compact Store can be seen as the storage module. Compact Store has been delivered together with most of the ERP systems in the market.

Weland Solutions AB provides solutions for warehouse management and logistics, selling pallet racks, cantilever racks, pull-out units and sigma beams.