6,500-kg telescopic handler

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by Emily Atkins

Manulift is now carrying the TurboFarmer 65.9 from equipment manufacturer Merlo, with exclusive distribution rights in Canada.

The TF 65.9 has a load capacity of 6,500 kg, and is maneuverable in tight spaces.

Michael Waldner of Truss Community in Manitoba, who owned the very first TF65.9 unit, long before its official arrival in Canada, said this new piece of machinery will meet the growing needs of his company, which manufactures and stores huge prefabricated roof structures. “This telescopic handler is a tool that will allow us to increase our productivity tenfold on a daily basis,” he said.

Produced for repetitive movements, this equipment can ensure very fast movements, in only a few seconds, whatever the axis: vertically, up or down, horizontally, from right to left and vice versa, in retraction or extension mode. Hi-Flow models are equipped with a new joystick, developed to improve ergonomics, reduce operator fatigue and increase daily productivity.

They are also equipped with the latest generation of Merlo’s hydraulic spool valves, combined with a high flow hydraulic pump. Also, the quick change of attachments, with the hydraulic clamping system called Tac-Lock, greatly improves efficiency as well as the natural comfort of use.

The TurboFarmer 65.9 is designed for companies that must manage large volumes of work, in terms of quantity as well as weight. In addition to the heavy agricultural sector, outdoor yards, recycling, aggregate, energy, lumber, and the entire industrial sector are the main target customers.