Drop-in lithium ion battery

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Raymond Corporation has expanded its line of energy solutions with a new 48-volt drop-in lithium-ion battery (48V LIB).

The battery is branded as Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond, and is available in multiple configurations.

Raymond 48-volt Energy Essentials Lithium Ion battery

Designed as a direct, plug-and-play replacement for conventional lead acid batteries, the new 48V LIB fits lift trucks with battery compartments of 13 inches and larger and requires no additional modifications. The new battery also provides for continuous data exchange between Raymond lift trucks and chargers.

“Our chargers, LIBs, and telematics packages all work together to optimize performance and data acquisition,” Hosmer said. “Used in conjunction with Raymonds Power Source Integration and iWAREHOUSE platform, this new battery gives users access to a more holistic view of their operation, allowing for better decision-making, boosting battery life span, improving operational efficiency and increasing productivity.”

The new 48V LIB is suitable for a variety of environments.

It offers opportunity charging, longer run-times and faster charging; reduced maintenance thanks to the completely sealed battery design; the longest cycle life in the industry; a UL 2580 listing and a six-year or 5,000-cycle warranty.

“The 48-volt drop-in lithium-ion battery offers customers a smart alternative energy solution to upgrade existing or new lift trucks,” said Damon Hosmer, senior product marketing manager, energy storage technology and integration, The Raymond Corporation.

“This new product solves three of the biggest concerns our customers tend to have when adopting alternative power sources: footprint, power and run-time. This battery delivers higher energy density in a smaller footprint, which creates more power, decreases charging times and increases run-times.”